Hi ,

Windows 10 work differently to the older version of Windows when booting into safe mode. Follow these steps to boot into Safe mode.

Step 1 – Boot up Windows Normally
Step 2 – Press the Windows Button + R together ( The Run Box will open)
Step 3 – Type “msconfig” into the run box and press —OK ( You will then see System Configuration)

Step 4 – Click on the Boot tab your will then see a tick box under boot Options (Tick — Safeboot — Minimal)

Step 5 – Click Apply – Your Pc will then boot into Safe Mode once restarted

Once you are done with configuring your pc and you would like to boot the Windows 10 computer normally

Step 1 – Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Step 2 – Open Task Manager
Step 3 – Click on File >Run New Task ( See Pic below )


Step 4 – type Msconfig
Step 5 – Click on the boot tab and untick the Safe boot option.
Step 6 – Click apply and restart.

Your PC will now boot normally.

If you are experiencing any issues feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank you