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If you’re looking to separate your work and personal emails, a WP Tech Email Only Hosting package could be the ideal solution. With this hosting package, WP Tech offers an efficient way for customers to create email accounts without having to have their own website. This service is perfect for businesses or individuals who don’t need a website but want access to professional @yourdomain email addresses that make it easier for customers and contacts alike to get in contact with them.

WP Tech provides flexible options when it comes to Email Only Hosting packages, so you can tailor the services according to your needs and budget. For instance, if you require 10 mailboxes then all you need is R99 per month while 50 mailboxes will cost only R299 per month – no additional charges or hidden costs involved! You also get ample storage space of up to 2GB as part of each mailbox subscription.

Another advantage of going for an Email Only Hosting plan by WP Tech is that they offer 24/7 customer support should any issues arise during setup or usage of the service. You can rest assured knowing that any problem will be solved quickly and efficiently by their knowledgeable staff members who are always available regardless of what time zone you may be in. Plus, all plans come with anti-virus and anti-spam protection included in case someone tries sending malicious content through your account(s).

Overall, if you’re looking just for reliable email hosting solutions without needing a dedicated website then WP Tech’s Email Only Hosting plan has everything covered at competitive prices too! Make sure not forget about checking out the other great features such as unlimited aliases (alternate addresses) plus calendar & task management tools which provide users with more flexibility when managing multiple accounts simultaneously from one centralised hub – making life easier for everyone! Contact us today!